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Paint a clear picture of customers with a complete understanding of their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with the most intelligent sales automation solution on the market and:

Deliver accurate, AI-powered predictions about your customers and your business, even with limited or incomplete CRM data.

Tailor your CRM to your business with flexible platform customization, workflow, and integration capabilities.

Gain insight into how your customers got to their current state with a complete historical record and the sales analytics tools to make sense of it.

Never lose a renewal opportunity with Sugar Sell’s renewal console providing built-in support for subscription-based sales.

Save the 10,000 Steps for Your Smartwatch

See The Future And Make Your Fortune

Power sales teams with exceptional business-critical predictions, even with limited or incomplete CRM data with our powerful AI-engine, SugarPredict. Accelerate deals with AI-powered lead conversion, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and opportunity-close predictions—at no incremental cost.

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Let The Platform Enter The Data

Automatically analyze actionable insights from a broad range of social and business sources and get important updates on key accounts with real-time alerts.

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Better Communications with Your Customers

Bring omnichannel customer communications with sentiment analysis seamlessly into your sales console. Quickly access customer opportunities, purchase history, and other details without ever leaving the conversation.

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Enjoy The Journey

Effortlessly map out each individual customer journey, from the very first interaction with your business to ensure every sales rep knows exactly when and how to reach out.

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Bring The CRM To You

Keep track of your most critical customer interactions and information, without ever leaving your G Suite or Office 365 apps. Manage tasks, opportunities, and cases as you communicate with customers—no need to copy, paste or open another app.

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Check Renewals Off Your List

Never lose a renewal opportunity with built-in support for subscription-based and easy-to-manage subscription accounts, renewal pipeline status, and individual renewal opportunities.

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Autopilot With The Flip Of A Switch

Automate your most complex business processes with drag-and-drop ease. Use SugarBPM™ to get quotes reviewed and approved, route leads based on company size or customer location, generate email templates, and so much more.

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Go Anywhere

SugarCRM Mobile works across devices, and setup is simple. The mobile app works the way you do, so you can continue to do business wherever it takes you.

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Integrate Painlessly

Integrate the CRM solution with any app from your email and calendar to your accounting and ERP. Plus, experience seamless interoperability with Sugar Market and Sugar Serve to deliver high-definition customer experiences.

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Flexible Pricing Models

SugarCRM is upfront about platform costs. There are no up-charges for contacting support. No extra fees for advanced features. And when Sugar Sell is integrated with Sugar Market and Sugar Serve, customers can achieve a clear view at a fraction of what the cost elsewhere.