Connect on Customer Terms

Modernize and streamline customer interactions across all communication channels cost-effectively by leveraging the power of Amazon Connect and Sugar. SugarLive seamlessly embeds Amazon’s market-leading omnichannel communications capabilities into the Sugar platform. This makes it easy to sell and support customers over their preferred communications channels–voice, email, web, chat, or portal–all from within Sugar while maintaining a single, unified interaction history. With advanced features like intelligent call routing and AI-powered sentiment analysis, SugarLive helps you connect with customers on their terms while optimizing the front-office on yours.

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Engage Better

Engage in long-running conversations with your customers, spanning multiple channels and sessions, without losing the context of the discussion.

Lean On The Leader

Trust the leader in cloud technology, Amazon Connect, and experience seamlessly integrated omnichannel communications directly in Sugar.

Low Risk, High Reward

Expand your communication channels immediately, with lower costs and no up-front expenses.

Supercharge Efficiency

Make it easy for your employees and faster for your customers and prospects. Give your front-office teams one place to talk to customers via messaging, chat, portal, email, or voice and ensure all conversations are part of their documented interaction history, regardless of channel.

Integrate Immediately

SugarLive pre-integrates Amazon Connect with Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve so companies can enable omnichannel sales and service in days, not months.

Sugar with Amazon

Route Right The First Time

Never make customers repeat themselves again. Save time and money by working smarter and routing sales calls and support cases based on skills and availability. With SugarLive’s enhanced, intelligent workflow and routing, it’s easy.

Streamline Customer Experience With AI

Deliver more sophisticated, proactive, and seamless sales and service experiences. Build powerful call and chat flows and understand customer and agent sentiment with SugarPredict, our automated AI technology.