Do terms like “reactive chemical stabilization” and “emergency spill response” get you excited? If not, that just means you haven’t had a chance to meet the team at ACTenviro. This employee-owned company has been handling environmental and hazardous waste in the Western US since 2000, and has managed to make some rather remarkable impacts in its quest to protect the environment.

The ACTenviro sales team has had access to CRM for many years, but the system was rarely used. While the company was eager to leverage its customer data for future growth initiatives, it didn’t have the right resources or technology in place. Enter Sugar.

Sugar is being tightly integrated with ACTenviro’s ERP and other software, quickly making it central to the flow of all information and data. This, in turn, is opening all kinds of doors to not only improving the customer experience, but making the business more effective and efficient.

Business Results:

Fueling future growth: With Sugar serving as the central repository of business intelligence and knowledge, the team can better determine which types of service lines will be the best fit for the business.

Identification of emerging trends: For example, if a steady or long-term customer suddenly starts to trend downward, sales reps will have a flashing red light that it’s time to do some outreach.

Increased efficiency: Many of the activities that used to span days can now be completed in a matter of seconds with Sugar. Instead of devoting hours to analysis and conversation, sales managers will be able to lean on their account managers’ quarterly or monthly forecasts.

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